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Article: Meet Ab Sow — The face of Our Campaign

Meet Ab Sow — The face of Our Campaign

Meet Ab Sow — The face of Our Campaign

Ab Sow is a creative of West African decent having moved to Australia from Sierra Leone due to war. In Australia is where he learned his third language English. Ab attended the University of Queensland where he successfully completed a dual degree for teaching, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts with Majors in French and Spanish and Bachelors of Education (secondary). Ab is registered secondary school teacher in Queensland teaching French and Spanish. With French being his natural mother tongue, he learned Spanish which later became the 5th Language on his lists of languages he speaks.

Whilst completing 4.5 years of University, Ab got into dancing as way of destressing after university but this hobby later became a professional career in Hip Hop dancing. He is an Australia’s Got Talent Grand Finalist of 2016. Later in 2018, he performed at the Commonwealth Games and is featured in Dora The Explorer - The movie as a professional dancer. Another TV accolade is his appearance on The Bachelorette Australia as a contestant. He’s taught dance at University Queensland University of Technology’s Creative industry department as a Dance Lecturer.

After completing University and deciding to hold off teaching, Ab purchased a $500 camera off a friend as experiment in an attempt to find another way of creative expression, Filmmaking later presented itself through French Cinema, an elective course at University which Ab attended and this began his curiosity with producing films.

Ab is a genuine and passionate creative with a drive like no other. An embodiment of what being a ‘Creative Athlete’ is all about. Going after what you want to do in life with sheer determination and dedication to the craft. 

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